• Thomas DeSchutter

Begin With Success… Why Start Anywhere Else?

Looking to take on a new “thang” in your life? Perhaps a new career, start a new eating regime or win gold in the next Olympics? Whatever it is and aside from whatever it may take, start with the knowledge that you will have success. In fact, the bigger the success you can envision the better. Peak performance is obtained when you can envision hitting all the notes or moments that will be necessary to win the game you are playing. World champion athletes do not get to the podium by envisioning failure. They arrive at the top by seeing themselves there before they even get to the competition. You have all sorts of thoughts running through your brain. This is known as self-talk. The average person tops out at around 300-500 words per minute and I have seen some data that indicates this number can be much higher for some. The first question to ask is “What the heck am I saying to myself”? The next step is to analyze the content. How much of this self-talk is what I would call dis-empowering? How much is taking you out of the success mindset and into one of failure or lacking? Look for phrases like: I can’t. I don’t complete anything. I am not good at anything. I always finish last Now that you have identified those negative phrases ask yourself if they are true. For example, with the phrase “I don’t complete anything,” mentally list tasks you have completed. With “I am not good at anything,” what about walking or breathing? Yes, this may sound silly, but my point is there is something you are good at and this is the opportunity to add one more thing to that list. Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you do tell yourself you will win a gold medal or complete all of the tasks and live all the dreams that you actually will. What it does mean is that you stand a much better chance of finding success if you do. Have you ever noticed top performing athletes mentally running through their event right before they are set to go? Do you think they are envisioning themselves succeeding through each step or failing? Or how about someone that is preparing to give an amazing TED Talk or keynote address? Through all of their rehearsals are they envisioning a successful delivery or a complete crash and burn? What we tell ourselves and how we envision our lives is 80% of the end result. The rest is execution and hard work. My dad had the foresight to instill in me both confidence and a work ethic—two things that I feel are critical to the end results that you or I will produce in our life times. For me, confidence begins with success in mind. It is the difference maker in how I approach everything I do and it has served me well. Allow it to do the same for you. Thomas DeSchutter

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