• Thomas DeSchutter


I woke up this morning and the very first thing I did was put a smile on my face. I recently watched a youtube video from Stefan Pylarinos, of Project Life Mastery, entitled "My New Morning Ritual".

Step one is to smile as soon as your eyes open and so I tried this, awesome shift! Being an individual that strives to maintain an open mind I am willing to try new things on that seem to have some validity to them. It made sense to me that putting a smile on my face would likely be a good thing. I certainly know that anytime I am smiling it almost always indicates that I am enjoying the moment. So I did a little research, (about 68 seconds worth) and came across this lovely nugget of prose, "The Value of A Smile", you can find it here. Enjoy your life by smiling as much as you can. After all, it costs nothing, but creates so much.

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