Dr. Matt Smith

Vitalistic Health Practitioner

Thomas has been instrumental for my wife and I to gain the financial freedom that we want. 

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Deedre Statz

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor 

Thomas' program has been a massive blessing!! 

Abundance in the form of money and other experiences has been overflowing in a chain reaction.

 I am SO thankful. Thank you.


Justin Chipperfield

Chipperfield Physiotherapy

I took my wife out for a nice dinner last weekend.  She was so pleased when I shared with her that this date night was being funded from my Profit account.  It was awesome!!!  

Thanks Thomas for your coaching!

Kurt Tropiano

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Working with Thomas has opened me up allowing me to find direction and guidance with my finance.

Thomas has helped empower me to take control in an area I knew little about.

The biggest asset Thomas possesses in my mind is his genuine care in getting to know his clients, and his deep knowledge is to me what sets him apart from everyone else.


Dario Pavan/

Ryan Yada

Flowmotion Entertainment

We went from our worst month just 4 months ago (Badly in the red) to our most profitable month in company history (Very comfortably in the Black). Thomas helped us to realize where we could cut the excess spending and put our focus on the things that would help us get back to profitability with healthy margins. We are now building up our cash reserves and making much smarter and more conscious decisions with our capital. It has been a real pleasure personally and professionally to have been working with Thomas. We are excited for the future and continuing to work with him to hit our now very clear profitability goals.